Recognizing Women – January 2021

Jan21 - WCC dates)

Welcome to 2021. The start of the New Year often comes with opportunities to learn, to grow, to seek help when needed. Here are several important causes that aim to raise awareness and be of service in January.

National Mentoring Month

Established in 2002 this campaign aims to raise awareness about the need for more Mentors in society as well as encouraging more people to actively become mentors to young people. The campaign celebrates the effects that mentoring young people can have on individuals and society.

Click here to learn more about Mentor Canada  and download some cool tools to promote mentoring Promote Mentoring

Alzheimer Society of Canada is Raising Awareness this Month

In 2020, Canadians raised $5.1 million for Alzheimer Society with a ” Walk”  when demand for services and supports continues to climb during a pandemic. This month, learn more about dementia and its stark impact on Canadians by clicking  here.

National Stalking Awareness Month

2021 marks the seventh annual National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM), an annual call to action to recognize and respond to the serious crime of stalking. Learn more about the prevalent, dangerous and frequently misunderstood crime of stalking.    Stalking Awareness Resources

Cervical Cancer

Approximately 2.3 per 100,000 women mostly between the ages of 35-44 will die of Cervical Cancer. Getting tested dramatically improve the odds of survival.  January is cervical cancer awareness month, click here for  Everything you need to know about Cervical Cancer and the Canadian Cancer Society is always a great resource.