About Women’s Centres Connect

Strong women, strong leadership, working for equality

Women's Centres Connect is the Nova Scotia provincial association of Women’s Centres. It articulates common activities, concerns, and needs, and provides coordination of association activities and information sharing among Women’s Centres.

Connect works with Women’s Centres to:

  • Provide a forum for information exchange and organizational development among Women’s Centres;
  • Articulate a common voice about the activities, concerns, and needs of Women’s Centres in Nova Scotia;
  • Enhance the visibility and credibility of Women’s Centres in Nova Scotia;
  • Provide a feminist voice for women’s concerns in Nova Scotia;
  • Work together and with other organizations to advance the status of women.

Connect works with Government to:

  • Advocate for equal funding for all Women’s Centres to cover core funding and works with Government funders to develop service agreements and reporting frameworks;
  • Bring Centre concerns around policies and programs that impact women.
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Women’s Centres Connect has a membership application process for groups wishing to develop a Women’s Centre in their community. There are two levels of membership in Connect, Entry Level Membership and Full Membership. Please contact us to find out more.