Recognizing Women April 2022

WCC-22-Apr (1)

This month at Connect is full of important work and offers plenty of reasons to flex our advocacy and lobbying muscles. This month we observe special dates such as Sexual-Assault-Awareness-Month (Nova Scotia), World Health Day, Denim Day and World Autism Day.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (Nova Scotia)

Governments and organizations in NS recognize we all have a role in preventing and changing the culture that has allowed 11 times more women to be sexually assaulted than men. Social and systemic change can only happen when survivors and allies stand together to shed a light on the environments and social practices that perpetuate sexualized violence. Together, communities, agencies, and individuals can demand respect, equality, and safety for all.

Click here to learn about sexual assault resources in Nova Scotia – Break the Silence

World Autism Day – April 2nd

An estimated 1 in 66 Canadians have been diagnosed with Autism. World Autism Day is held on April 2nd  and every year and it aims to increase understanding and acceptance of people with Autism. Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication and appears to be under-diagnosis in women and girls. To help, the Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women and gender-nonconforming autistic people.

World Health Day – April 7th

This World Health Organization (WHO) international event first took place back in 1950. Since then, each annual event has shed light on a specific health topic. Previous years’ themes have included Universal Health Coverage (UHC), depression, diabetes, and food safety. The year 2022 theme is “Universal Health Coverage”. It aim is to strive towards achieving this goal by creating awareness about the fact that health is a human right and everyone should have access to the right care at the right time and at the right place (within their community).

Click here to learn more about World Health Day.

Denim Day – April 29th

Denim Day encourages everyone to wear denim in order to show support to the victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse, rape, and harassment. During this day, college campuses, clinics, businesses, and organizations host educational events and fundraisers to increase awareness and change misconceptions.

Click here to learn more about Denim Day.