Recognizing Women – April 2021

Apr21 - WCC dates)

Welcome to April

April feels like the most hopeful month of the calendar. It feels full of hope that the cold of winter is behind us, hope that Spring brings longer days and the hope that new beginnings are possible. Hope is also what we at Connect are sending to the survivors’ and victims’ families of the Femicide in Portapique NS.  We hope the past year has brought forth memories of your loved ones that offer comfort, and we hope you have found strength among your families, friends and community.

We, at the Provincial association of NS Women’s Resources Centres, quickly identified the massacre in Portapique as an example of misogynist male violence that added to these horrific statistics.  Our hearts and minds go out to the victims’ families.  It is imperative to note that while violence against women and children occurs on a daily basis there is currently an unprecedented level of pressure for women to remain in violent and toxic relationships due to the pandemic. The pandemic lockdown and availability of resources have significantly minimized the choices women in violent situations can make at this time.

With the support of leaders who can rally the will and resources, the worse massacre in Canadian history can become a legacy for change.  Our concern needs to be the prevention of violence to other women and innocent bystanders by someone who is inexplicably prejudiced.

Sexual-Assault-Awareness-Month-(Nova Scotia)

Governments and organizations in NS recognize we all have a role in prevention and changing the culture that has allowed 11 times more women to be sexually assaulted than men. Social and systemic change can only happen when survivors and allies stand together to shed a light on the environments and social practices that perpetuate sexualized violence. Together, communities, agencies, and individuals can demand respect, equality, and safety for all.

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World-Health-Day April-7th

This World Health Organization (WHO) international event first took place back in 1950. Since then, each annual event has shed light on a specific health topic. Previous years’ themes have included Universal Health Coverage (UHC), depression, diabetes, and food safety. As soon as each annual theme is announced, people can begin to plan their events and activities.

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Denim Day  April-29th

Denim Day encourages everyone to wear denim in order to show support to the victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse, rape, and harassment. During this day, college campuses, clinics, businesses, and organizations host educational events and fundraisers to increase awareness and change misconceptions.

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