Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Synthesis Project

Project Title: Knowledge Synthesis Project for three reports related to ending gender based violence in Nova Scotia: including the

National Action Plan to End GBV,

Mass Casualty Reports on Ending Gender-Based Violence,

Nova Scotia Equity, and Anti-Racism Strategy

Purpose: This project will:

  • Help Women’s Centres and women serving organizations collaborate and respond to the recommendations stated in the three action plans/reports.
  • Identify evidence that will allow women serving organizations to lobby for action and change.
  • Build capacity among women’s centres by identifying priorities for action, gaps and opportunities related to gender-based violence in the current continuum of care and service model.
  • Provide a plain language summary for Centre Staff to more easily digest and respond to these landmark documents
Organization Background: Women’s Centres Connect is the Nova Scotia provincial association of Women’s Centres. It articulates common activities, concerns, and needs, and provides coordination of association activities and information sharing among Women’s Centres. Learn more about our initiatives here.
Project Background: Women’s Centres Connect needs a knowledge synthesis project completed that brings together highlights, recommendations, and evidence relevant to women serving organizations from the three above mentioned action plans/reports. Learn more about knowledge synthesis here.
Project Features: The expected outcomes/deliverables will be:

  • A summary report written in plain language, created in a Word document.
  • A corresponding slide deck with speaker’s notes, created in Powerpoint.
  • Key messages and info graphics suitable for social media posting.

The vendor must also be willing to be a keynote speaker at a conference highlighting the outcomes of the project.

Timeline: Proposal Due Date: November 25, 2023
Decision Date: Dec 15, 2023Expected Project time frame 8 weeks.Start and End dates are to be determined
Budget: Total Budget: $15,000+ tax (to be paid in 2 portions; start and end date)
Keynote Speaker opportunity if needed: $1000+ tax/  includes travel related expenses
Proposal Instructions: Please send your proposal to on or before the proposal due date. Include answers to the following questions your proposal:

  1. What is your stand in gender-based violence?
  2. Are you a part of any women’s organization? What area? Do you have previous experience working with any of the three reports?
  3. What is your background in knowledge synthesis and knowledge mobilization? Please provide relevant project descriptions as examples.
  4. Do you have experience in preparing plain language marketing or advocacy material?
  5. Please provide three related references.