A Call to Action: Protecting Women in the Gig Sector

wcc briefing

Did you know that gig work is completely misclassified as self-employment work? This misclassification has a detrimental ripple effect on the immediate and long-term impact on all employees and women in particular.

Women’s Centre Connect, the provincial association of Women’s Resource Centres, recently partnered with several researchers at Dalhousie University to explore the connection between gig work and gender-based violence. From this research, we learned that working to reclassify gig work nationally will have immediate remedial impacts on women and their families.

This briefing sheds light on the critical issue of reclassifying gig workers, focusing on the disproportionate impacts on women, especially in the face of gender-based violence. It’s a call to action for gender-responsive policies, providing women in gig work the rights, benefits, and protections they deserve.

This isn’t just about labour laws; it’s about safeguarding women’s rights and empowering them in an evolving economic landscape.

Read the full briefing here: Briefing Note – Reclassification Of Gig Work