16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 6 – Hidden Horrors of COVID

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We always just see the tip of the iceberg – and the deeper we swim, the darker and larger an obstacle like this gets. The beginning of the pandemic brought many immediate, and swift changes to our lives especially things related to travel, our work environments and shopping habits to name a few. However, the recovery from the pandemic is not nearly as swift. In fact, things are returning to “normal” about as fast as an iceberg moves- slow.  For women and children who live with an abuser, this extended time in a confined space, with all the other lingering economic stresses has created a different kind of pandemic. Let’s not lose sight of the “Shadow Pandemic” for which recovery is not talked about by government economists or campaigning politicians. Across Nova Scotia and Canada, there has been an increase in calls to helplines, and increased requests for financial support and mental health services since the pandemic began and “ended”. Unite with us during this campaign, to demand that resources reach and meet the demands by sharing these links with your elected officials.

References: https://womenconnect.ca/the-shadow-pandemic/