16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 3 – A Safe Space for Work is a Space for Growing Business

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Whenever I apply for a job or am asked to be a referee for someone looking for work, especially during this age of social media, I always try to determine if the business has been likened to a Safe Workspace. A good google search on a company will likely reveal if they have taken a stand to create a safe space with a particular policy or employment program. For some, an equitable and safe environment means more than a high salary offer. If you are a business owner, Director of HR or Marketing do know what is being said about your organization online with respect to safe workspaces? Have you considered that potential customers and employees, especially women, are looking for stories and comments about how people are being treated in your workspace and what supports are available? And this is the aim of the Unite! Campaign- to encourage businesses to take action against domestic abuse and violence. There is always a better and more effective way of helping an employee who is a victim of abuse. Creating a safe space is not just about a lack of violence, it is about offering support, being a witness, help with systems navigation and patience. Just imagine how much stronger and loyal your team would be if every single one felt safe and confident.

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