SDG Movement Map

British Columbia Council for International Cooperation
268 Keefer St Unit 322, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X5
To BCCIC Mapping Team

RE BCCIC’s SDG Movement Map.

Thank-you for the effort to create the SDG Movement Map. It will act as a resource for our Centres. In preparation for the CSW64, please find our responses to each of your questions below.

Are you familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Do you know which SDG Targets your organization is working on?

Women’s Resource provides direct services and programs for women and girls, work with our local service partners to respond to emerging issues, and work for change to create equity and equality for women, their families, and communities. Most Centres serve rural communities with unique regional challenges that benefit from the gender-based and rural lenses that inform our work. Therefore we are indeed familiar with the UN Sustainable Development goal. In fact, every day we work to achieve these goals with a feminist and trauma-informed perspective.

What are your first impressions of the map? Has the map informed your understanding of groups working on gender equality and its intersecting SDGs?

Our first impression of the map is that it is a very practical resource, but wonder if it will be maintained, and by whom. We also wonder what the education and promotion plan is to ensure folks who need the resources identified on the map are familiar with it. Further, some of our organizations still need to be added and clarity about how to do so would be helpful.

How can we improve the map to further encourage networking between groups?

More training, promotion and circulation about the map, how it will be maintained, who is the intended audience ( staff or the general public)?

Do you have any suggestions on how the map could have a greater impact on gender equality?

None at this time, as the ability to search for a resource that we need, and the feature to “find similar” groups will connect us to our peers working in the gender equality space.

If you have not been using the map, what is the reason for it and would you consider using it in the future?

Women’s Resource Centres are leaders in our communities and maintain a list of resources within each of our centres, and across of the province. As of yet we have not used the map to connect to other programs, but believe it will be really helpful to refer clients to organizations outside our communities or provinces.

Cora Cole,
Connect Coordinator