16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 7 – “I thought my life was over”- A Witness of Domestic Violence

October 29, 2022

On February 16, 2022, Jennifer went public with her story of how she survived domestic abuse and hoped that by sharing it will help others (Saltwire, Feb 16, 2022).  This … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 6 – Hidden Horrors of COVID

October 29, 2022

We always just see the tip of the iceberg – and the deeper we swim, the darker and larger an obstacle like this gets. The beginning of the pandemic brought … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 5 – I will complete the UN_TED

October 29, 2022

Today we recognize over three decades of dedication and love have gathered 5, 167 groups in 187 countries from all over the world to promote and support 16 Days of … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 4 – Every CLICK counts

October 29, 2022

Isn’t it ironic how people are so “connected” through Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, and Instagram, yet sometimes it’s actually very hard to reach someone in person?  When was the last … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 3 – A Safe Space for Work is a Space for Growing Business

October 29, 2022

Whenever I apply for a job or am asked to be a referee for someone looking for work, especially during this age of social media, I always try to determine … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 2 – ORANGE is for hope

October 29, 2022

The colour orange symbolizes hope for a brighter future, free of violence. It is the campaign colour which is globally known as a means of demonstrating your solidarity in eliminating … Read more

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence – Day 1 – UNITE! 2022

October 29, 2022

It is now the 32nd time that we are marking the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, and every year we wish it was the last. This year’s global … Read more

Recognizing Women November 2022

October 29, 2022

November 20 – Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) An annual observance that honours the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence that year. … Read more

Recognizing Women October 2022

September 23, 2022

Hello everyone! If there was ever a month to mark the journey of women in Nova Scotia and Canada, then October is it. The Days of Awareness this month are … Read more

We Stand United in Support of Women’s Right to Choose

September 22, 2022

Women’s Centres Connect is a provincial association of nine Women’s Centres from Yarmouth to Sydney offering direct services to rural women and working towards social change. Abortion access and supports … Read more

Women’s Centres are Critical to the Continuum of Care for Rural Women

September 6, 2022

Connect recently completed new research on the role of Women’s Centres in the Continuum of Care for women who’ve experienced violence. This research focused on women in rural areas, and … Read more

Recognizing Women September 2022

September 3, 2022

As fall schedules begin to fill up, we ask that you consider how you and your organization can support the following important Days of Awareness . National Suicide Prevention Day … Read more

Women’s Centres Connect Releases 2021-22 Annual Report

August 16, 2022

Top Issues for 2021-2022 While there were many topics and issues tackled throughout this year, below is a list of issues that took a great deal of time and energy … Read more

Is “extreme intoxication” a defense to excuse violence?

June 23, 2022

The Canadian Supreme Court has yet to decide the extent of “extreme intoxication” as a defense to excuse violence In a decision issued on May 13, the Supreme Court of … Read more

Recognizing Women June 2022

May 25, 2022

As we review the dates we want to bring attention to during June, we are overwhelmed by the struggles and stories it took to bring some of these days to … Read more

Coercive Control is Not an Offence in the Criminal Code of Canada

May 10, 2022

Nova Scotia must lobby that Canada’s Criminal Code be amended to recognize Coercive Control as a Crime. Coercive control is a series of actions where the perpetrator threatens and intimidates … Read more

Recognizing Women May 2022

April 26, 2022

There are many important days in May to raise awareness and observe how our actions can change lives. This month, we address mental health, speech and hearing, vision health, mother’s … Read more

The Power of Empathy

April 26, 2022

Mental Health Week is a national celebration introduced in Canada in 1951. Its 70-year-old purpose is to raise awareness so that we open our eyes and hearts to the consequences … Read more

Camouflaging Symptoms Leads to Under-reporting of Autism in Women

March 25, 2022

World Autism Day An estimated 1 in 66 Canadians are diagnosed with Autism. World Autism Day is held on April 2nd and every year and it aims to increase understanding … Read more

Recognizing Women April 2022

March 25, 2022

This month at Connect is full of important work and offers plenty of reasons to flex our advocacy and lobbying muscles. This month we observe special dates such as Sexual-Assault-Awareness-Month … Read more